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Hello English learners!

In today’s era, the importance of the English language cannot be ignored since English is the only most significant common language spoken worldwide. Learning English alone can be a daunting task as it requires thorough practice and patience. To learn and master the language, the learners need the extra hand of guidance from professionals.

Expressions is a great English learning app, which lets a user take online English speaking course in Hindi. The app contains video tutorials- where professionals help learners understand the fundamentals of spoken and written English, and there are grammar exercises that let learners take grammar questions.

English is a powerful tool that can unlock thousands of opportunities for every individual. It helps in the overall personal and professional growth.

 How can Expressions help in teaching English to Hindi speakers?

Access to free videos

Virtual learning is excellent for understanding complex grammar concepts which are best explained in step by step manner. Expressions offer free access to video modules in Hindi and English.

From learning basics to advanced English, the users can learn and improve seamlessly on the app.  If you’re stuck amid a lesson and want to re-watch the video, you can get uninterrupted access to the tutorials for a lifetime.



Worksheets are fun to solve when learning English. It helps learners to test their knowledge and boost confidence. The role of the worksheet in learning English is essential for a better understanding and application of the language. On Expressions, at the end of every video, the user will find a worksheet that will have a list of questions about the module they recently studied.


The grammar worksheets are consisting of MCQ from which the right answer has to be selected. It helps the learners think of the most appropriate word or phrase and fully unitize the correct grammar they learned from the module. The worksheet allows learners to determine if they understood the concept or not.


Solving the worksheet also helps the learners to remember the lessons taught in the module for long. If any user finds difficulty in cracking questions, they can always watch the video lesson again and retake the test.

Self-check answer sheet

After watching the video tutorial, the user has to solve a worksheet, which lets them evaluate their performance. The worksheet also contains answers and lets the user cross-verify attempted questions. This self-evaluation process promotes deep understanding, critical thinking, and enables better learning experience.


Video lessons in Hindi and English

As we understand the power of our mother tongue, we use Hindi as a tool to make users learn English effectively. In our video lessons, the tutors explain the module using the balanced proportion of Hindi and English, which helps the beginners and intermediate learners, understand the fundamental concept of the English language in a better way.

Go offline

The biggest advantage of learning English from your smartphone is that users can choose the time and place to learn. With Expressions App, users can download all the modules in advance and watch them even without the internet. Not just that, users can, after completing a few parts of the lesson from their smartphone,  switch to PC or laptop, and resume from where they have stopped. By this, users won’t be losing a minute of your precious time.


The users can benefit from the app by learning English literally from anywhere. If you’re a professional and commute to work daily by bus, cab, or train, then you can open the app and start learning.


Proceed with own pace

Every individual has a different pace of learning and understanding- for some learning process can be real quick, but for others, it may take some amount of time. On Expressions- English learning app, users can learn English through Hindi videos with their own pace of learning and understanding.

Unique Modules for all

The course on Expressions is carefully designed to meet the requirements of different learners. The app offers different courses to meet the need of school students, college students, working professionals, teachers, senior citizens, homemakers, companies, etc.


Additionally, the user can choose the modules depending on the language literacy they already have. There are different modules for different learners- fundamental English, intermediary course, and advanced English program.  


Start your English learning journey with Expressions

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