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How To Improve Spoken English: Method & Mindset Tips

How To Improve Spoken English: Method & Mindset Tips


Better vocabulary, fluency, and confidence help speak English better. To improve speaking, the best thing to do is to speak with a native speaker. However, not everyone may have that option.

In everyday life you may be busy, native speakers are not available, or you could be in the learning phase. So, how can you improve your language yourself?

You can use technology to learn English through mobile apps or online videos. You can enhance your command over the language without a partner. 

English Coaching Programs

Best English Learning App For Hindi Speakers

Hello English learners!

In today’s era, the importance of the English language cannot be ignored since English is the only most significant common language spoken worldwide. Learning English alone can be a daunting task as it requires thorough practice and patience. To learn and master the language, the learners need the extra hand of guidance from professionals.

Expressions is a great English learning app, which lets a user take online English-speaking course in Hindi. The app contains video tutorials- where professionals help learners understand the fundamentals of spoken and written English, and there are grammar exercises that let learners take grammar questions.

English Coaching Programs

8 in 10 parents in these five Indian states say there was no online education in government schools during the lockdown

  • In Bihar, India’s poorest state, all the parents reported “non-delivery of education” in government schools.
  • More than 40% of teachers in these five states are afraid that a quarter of students may drop out of school once they reopen.
  • A total of 1158 parents across private and government schools and 488 government school teachers across five states- Bihar, ChhattisgarhJharkhandOdisha, and Uttar Pradesh participated in the Oxfam India study.

English Coaching Programs

Teaching English To Hindi Speakers

Looking for ways to boost your language skills but are not sure how to master English? Studying a language is a long process and it surely requires a lot of decisions. 


English Coaching Programs

Study shows that English as link language is gaining strength

Recent research shows that though Hindi is the dominant language of India, English as a link language is "gaining strength". Their study concludes that the probability of two Indians being able to converse in a common language has increased from 0.18 in 1971 to 0.23 in 2011. The proportion of children studying in.